First Quaternary Prevention Workshop for residency training program in Uruguay

During March we organized the first workshop for family and community medicine residency students in Uruguay.
The experience was interesting: 3 days, 12 hs in total. 20 participants.

María Laura Fernandez member of the Quaternary Prevention interest group from Uruguay talked about the research performed. We share the pdf and video of her conference about Overscreening in cervical cancer.

Cardozo V, Fernández ML. Tamizaje de cáncer de cuello de útero en usuarias de la Policlínica Villa Farré (Uruguay). Una mirada desde la prevención cuaternaria. Archivos de Medicina Familiar y General [Internet].26 de dic 2017 [citado 24 de febrero 2018];14(2). Disponible en:

Quaternary Prevention activity, Lecce, Italy September 2017 / Reports available


Overmedicalization and Quaternary Prevention

Lecce (Italy) – September 28th – 30th 2017

From the home page, you can have access to an Italian or English version of a brief report and to all presentations in PDF.

Please follow the links:

We thank Ernesto Mola for sharing the conference reports.


WONCA SIG QP&O Coordination

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